The Women’s Vote & Senators Taking Photos

Yes, that’s a curious title.  Here’s the scoop: Last Thursday, the Senate celebrated the anniversary of Women’s Suffrage–getting the right to vote. Approved in 1889, Idaho was the 4th state to vote it in, the  first three being Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.  Interesting that it was the western states that led the way, but then women worked right beside their men on the ranches and farms of the west. The US constitutional amendment for women’s voting wasn’t approved by congress until 1920.

After our Senate session Thursday, and a presentation on Women’s Suffrage, we 9 women Senators gathered around some memorabilia provided by the Historic Society.  The male Senators took our photos, using cell phones and ipads.  They were having fun so I got my phone and took some photos of them!  A rare light moment in a busy week.  Here are some of the pictures:

Oh, by the way, three of us, as new Senators this term are all women replacing men, so we increased the female population in the Senate by 1/3.  That brings the Senate to 27% women, which is higher than the national average of 24%.