Sunshine and Lincoln Day

My busy week has included introducing my first Routing Slip, called an “RS” for short.  It’s the draft of a bill that I took to the Chairman of the Senate Ed Committee to ask if he would put it on the agenda so I could present it to the committee to ask for it to be printed.  He agreed.  So, on Wednesday I presented the RS to the committee and they unanimously voted to send it to print.  Now it will be an actual  bill and will start through the process I told you about in the Journal a few days ago.

My bill is a “sunshine” bill, in that it requires School Board candidates to file their campaign finance info, just like other candidates in elections.  It lets the light, or sunshine, of public information shine on the campaign process, that’s good for us all!

Then yesterday, Thursday, I was in charge of running the Senate’s Lincoln Day program. The freshman Senators are assigned these extra duties, by tradition, so this was my turn.  I had to–I mean I got to–stand up at the Lt. Gov’s big chair at the top of the Senate and pound the gavel to open the program we planned.  I gave my remarks about Lincoln’s legacy and introduced each part of the short event.  It was a good experience!