Labrador at State Republican Lunch

Yesterday was a busy day which included the big annual lunch for people from every county’s central committees.  The room was packed!  There were many top officials and several interesting speeches / remarks.  The most timely, I thought, was the explanation by US Representative Raul Labrador concerning his recent vote to support  Speaker Boehner.  Raul said he understood that people were disappointed he did not vote with the challengers. Then spoke to the importance of timing and of choosing one’s battles.  When he challenged leadership the last time, his group originally had enough votes to succeed, though enough were intimidated away, in the end, by power sources.  This time, he said, the challengers never had enough and there was no way they could win.  He also said that the House is fighting with the Obama administration over immigration, and he, Raul, is the go-to person for House leadership on immigration. They are working hard on a very conservative immigration bill, supported by House leadership, which will come out very soon, he said, so this was the wrong time for him to join challengers who could not succeed.

His sincerity and logic made great sense.  I was glad to hear his explanation and thought you would too. Most of the people in the room seemed satisfied with his reasoning,  so perhaps that issue will be put behind us.