Kootenai County Town Hall

Our Republican Central Committee in Kootenai County sponsors a Town Hall meeting once each month during the legislative session, and invites all 9 of the area legislators.  Our county contains Districts 2, 3 and 4, so there are three Senators and six Representatives included.  Our first Town Hall of the year took place yesterday and the turnout was great!  More people came out to talk and ask questions than in most previous meetings, and the energy and interest were high.

After a short intro from each legislator, as we all sat behind a long table with microphones, the questions began. They were respectful and thoughtful, on topics ranging from urban renewal to state employee pay and benefits, taxes and tax cuts, medicaid vs the new PCAP program, Real ID, state vs federal control of Idaho resources, the Oregon standoff, and much more.

The range of questions shows the challenge for any legislator because we are expected to know about such a diverse mix of issues. At the Town Hall, we let those legislators on the related committees answer the particular question, with any of the rest chiming in as desired. The two hours flew by, with another hour to mingle and chat with individuals.

It was a great chance to understand the concerns of our constituents and was a well- organized event by the central committee.  Thanks to all who attended!