First Education Committee Meeting

The legislature is getting organized and yesterday, Tuesday, was the first Ed. Committee meeting, and the room was full.  It was basically a “getting to know you” session, where the 9 people on the committee explained a bit about ourselves, and then a long list of “stakeholder” groups–there were 8 of them, all government or related agencies–told us about themselves and their needs and agendas for the upcoming year.  At the end of the meeting, when our gracious chairman asked if there were any comments from the members, I took the opportunity to observe that some very important stakeholders were not in the room, those being the parents, students and taxpayers of our districts, and that I looked forward to working with all the agencies toward the benefit of my constituents.  Here are some photos of the meeting room, just after our proceedings were finished.  We’ll be meeting there at 3pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!