Choosing Committees

There’s a difference in how committee assignments are made in the House and the Senate.  The House members are asked, a couple of weeks prior to “organizational day”, to list their preferred picks for committees.  Then the Speaker of the House and his team fill out the assignments and let their members know, on organization day, which was yesterday (Thursday),  what committees upon which they will be serving.  The Senate is different.

Senate members stand along the back wall

After swearing in, the Senate members stand along the back wall until called upon by seniority to choose their desk in the Senate Chamber.

Looking at committee listings posted outside leadership offices

My desk is up front, which is where all the new members start out.

After this, the Senators are each  called into the President Pro Tem’s office, again by seniority, to choose their committees.  There are two rounds of choosing.  The first round is to pick your top two committees.  Mine were Education and Judiciary & Rules (one committee).  In the second round of choosing, Senators pick from what’s left, and committee meeting times impact those decisions because several committees meet at the same time.  My third committee is Agriculture because it was the only one that fit in the time schedule I have.  All of my committees should be very interesting!