Boise Comes to the Grand Ball

The Governor’s inaugural ball in the Boise capitol building is a grand tradition dating back to 1913, and last night’s ball was equally impressive.  To be honest, I’ve never known much about the Governor’s ball other than it happens every 4 years.  We new Senators were told it was a dressy affair, where women wear long dresses and men wear dark suits or tuxes.  Well, that description does nothing to tell the story!

It was a grand spectacle. Last night the capitol was especially gorgeous, with lights blazing and flowers in all the right places. The military band was playing in the rotunda, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and many other official volunteers were on duty everywhere. The Capitol Security guard were dressed in formal uniforms, and it seemed half of Boise was there in their own formal attire. There had to have been 1000 people, of all ages, lining the curves of the rotunda on each of the levels.

The Senators and House members, with their spouses, all dressed to the nines as they say,  gathered on our respective ends of the third floor, which is where the legislative chambers are located.  First the Senate, then the House, began to process around the third floor rotunda, one couple after another, all by seniority–so I was near the end of the Senate line up.  It was incredible to see the people lining the way, three or four deep, waiting for us to walk by.  Many said hello or extended their hands, and all seemed excited to celebrate Idaho. Then we processed down the curved staircase to the second floor and did the same, again greeted by a huge crowd of people all the way around.  When we made our final staircase decent to the lowest level, the center floor of the rotunda was full of people dancing to the music.  There wasn’t much room, but we were able to get in a couple of numbers and talk with many different folks.  It was a wonderful time and was a great reminder of the value of history and tradition.